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Lively Ghosts


Home Décor

Looking for something unique for your boudoir? Empty spaces on a desk or wall haunting you? Have a look and see what Lively Ghosts has to offer your home.

Kitchen Witchery

Whether you're having your coven over for tea or just feel like treating yourself to something supernatural, we have items to tempt you.

Enamel Pins

Liven up your accessories with a liberal selection of pins. After all, you need some to fill that coffin box that caught your eye, don't you?

Life's After Death.

Are you ready to experience the afterlife? View the full Lively Ghosts collection here. We promise it won't hurt a bit.

Haunt This Way

About Lively Ghosts

From the creator: Lively Ghosts intertwines victorian era aesthetics and a dash of the horror genre with the spooky and macabre. The brand carries a vast collection of enamel pins, apparel, home goods, teas/elixirs, & other trinkets reflecting the dark & grim. Lively Ghosts thrives on creating unique pieces that catch the eye.

Why We Love Lively Ghosts

Whilst browsing along a certain layline of witchy subjects, we came across a silver teaspoon sporting a grinning cutout of a Jack 'o Lantern. What's this unique and charming little bauble? we asked, whilst clicking on the shop link. The rest was history. We were instantly charmed with Lively Ghosts' unique array of wares, many of which we'd never seen before. After all, who doesn't need a coffin to house all their spooky pins?