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Pennywhistle Potions


Dried Arrangements and Straw Work

A selection of one-of-a-kind arrangements and hand-woven straw work and corn dollies, made with intention.

Sage Bundles and Dried Potion Ingredients

Homegrown ingredients for your own castings and cleansings.

Decorative Potions

Whimsical potion-esque home decor.

Double, double...

Magic is about intention and belief, and the purity of ingredients is important. You can always trust Pennywhistle to bring that magic into your home.

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About Pennywhistle Potions

From the creator: What started as a pet project has grown into something living and breathing, as they always do. We love bringing the magic of nature into our home as much as we love interacting with it in our own gardens, and we love the idea of bringing that magic to people who need it most. Sustainability and harmony are the most important things to us when we source or grow our own plants, and we hope that follows through into our work.

Why We Love Pennywhistle

Handmade naturals are always something we've loved to decorate our home with, and the artistry in Pennywhistle's corn dollies is something to be cherished and continued. Straw work is a dying art, and it's important to give this small-scale handicraft a platform.