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Seance Perfumery



"Memento Mori" is a reminder of the Good Death. These scents are guaranteed to keep it on your mind, always.

Room and Body Sprays

Scents can set a scene, so make your house as haunted as you like with these room sprays.


Rest in piece with these lovely casket necklaces.

Beyond The Veil

Join hands. Light a candle. Say the words. Scent calls forth memory, and summons spirits of the past.

Peer in to see it all

About Seance

From the creator: Seance’s founder began making perfumes long ago after becoming obsessed with the power of an aroma. Truly, the right scent can paint a picture, evoke a strong emotion, or transport someone to a certain place and moment in time. From an early age, our founder learned she had the gift of intuition. Dedicated to harnessing this mysterious and intriguing ability, she honed her senses through extensive classes and research. Over time, she worked to help others develop these same faculties, hoping that they too would journey ever deeper into the vast expansiveness of what we have yet to explain.

Why We Love Seance

We have a penchant for the metaphysical here at Strange and Unusual, and we jumped at the chance to add Seance to our store. It's not every day you find a perfumery who is creating scents off of such evocative subjects. We hope you find their perfumes as evocative as we do.