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The War of the Rohirrim Decision Coin

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This brass stallion was minted during a time of escalating conflict between the Rohirrim and the Dunlendings, during which Helm Hammerhand reigned over Rohan as king. The conflict had already raged while Helm’s father Gram was king before him for twenty-three years of his kingship. This coin was minted in TA 2754 during the final years of Helm’s rule, five years prior to his death in TA 2759. The defensive stronghold of Hornburg, south of the Fords of Isen, was renamed after him as Helm’s Deep. Helm was called Hammerhand because of his great strength and prowess with his fists: he was known to fight barehanded. This is sometimes attributed to a superstition that if “he used no weapon no weapon would upon bite him”. One side of the coin depicts a hammer and clenched fist. Above, the words Helm Hammerhand King of the Eorlings. The obverse shows a galloping horse surrounded by text, "Forth and fear no darkness."

Solid brass, 21 grams 1.3 in (3.3 cm) diameter.

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