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Spellbook and Adventuring Matchbooks

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Abjuration (n): a school of magic encompassing protective spells. Masters of the abjuration school are able to capably and reliably create barriers of the magical or physical which can 1.) negate abilities of the same, 2.) harm trespassers, or 3.) banish the subject of the spell to another plane of existence. -- D'winn, Davin. Sorcerer's Treatise of Magical Schools of Thought. Revised 2nd ed. Magic Random House, 1022.

A collection of spellcasting- and adventuring-themed matchbooks to delight any hero. Each box contains ~22 standard sized match sticks for use with your candles, stovetops, or torches in the deepest and darkest dungeons. Don't leave on a quest without some.

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