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Adventurer’s Emporium 16oz

Product Info

Musky, Warm, Spiced
Notes: Polished Leather, Tobacco, Clove, Crushed Amber

The shop is deceptively small, its many shelves piled high with goods, weapons, odds and ends. Through a small door, you can see even more merchandise piled precariously in the back. There’s a heavy, distracting perfume coming from somewhere. “What are ye looking for, then?” the shopkeeper asks. He seems amiable enough, his eyes bright and keen behind thick glasses. You’re sure he’ll charge you a fair price.

- Made with 100% soy wax poured in small batches
- Double wicked for a clean, even burn
- Metallic d20 dice inside
- 60 hour burn time

Candle photo copyright Cantrip Candles USA.
Location photo copyright Strange and Unusual Trading Co.

Strange and Unusual Trading Company ships and sells outside of the European Union. Therefore, VAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT.