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Coffee Shoppe 16oz

Product Info

Rich, Sweet, Roasted
Notes: Roasted Coffee, Chocolate, Cream

The rain hits the windows, its cool temperature causing them to fog and obscure the way the wind shakes the trees outside. Inside, it’s warm and cozy, the cushioned benches and low oak tables providing the perfect place to write, relax, and talk. The smell of coffee is everywhere, rich and mouthwatering. A patron turns the page of their book, the sound gentle and crisp beneath the dulcet tones from the lute being plucked in the back corner.

- Made with 100% soy wax poured in small batches
- Double wicked for a clean, even burn
- Metallic d20 dice inside
- 60 hour burn time

Candle photo copyright Cantrip Candles USA.
Location photo copyright Strange and Unusual Trading Co.

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