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Skyward Heart Pendant

Product Info

Accept no substitutes: this is the original design that started it all!

Everyone needs a little extra health now and then. Wear your life's blood on your sleeve (or neck, as it were) and make sure to have it as a backup in case you need to go out and fight any dark lords and stop the inevitable destruction of the universe.

Our Skyward Heart pendants were originally designed eight years ago. Back then, we called ourselves The Pixelsmithy. While we closed that shop long ago, we wanted to bring back our most popular design and offer it again. Some things really are timeless.

Each Skyward Heart is made with a ruby red glass center, hand carved in the shape of a heart, with an intricately-sculpted outer shell artfully plated in 24K gold. Our plating techniques are state-of-the-art, ensuring the longevity of your necklace for years to come.

We recommend a soft polishing cloth only when necessary, and to keep the necklace away from lotions and cleansers. Exclusively sold here!