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Joan of Art


Enamel Pins

From the ethereal beauty of the natural world, to the pride of a magical LGBT life. Show off who you are with these wonderous pins.


Everyone needs a good cat sticker every once in a while, especially one that says exactly how you feel.

Love Yourself

Take a breath. Eat a snack. Have a nap. Be sure to take care of yourself. And hey, if you need to, have a little...

Retail therapy

About Joan of Art

From the creator: “Art, merch, and queer love.” Joan of Art sells a variety of charms, pins, buttons, and prints. It is helmed by bisexual artist Grace, who lives in New England with her wife and two kitties. Grace's art is centered around video games, cartoons, and the LGBTQ+ community. She considers her art style to be a blend of comic and anime, with a focus on portraits and queer relationships. Her ongoing mantra is to draw what she loves and what inspires her.

Why We Love Joan of Art

We're fans of intersectionality, and Joan of Art does a good job of including a lot of things we like in one fun, stylish package.