Purveyors of exceptional curiosities and collectibles from around the world

Curiosities From Around The World

Here we've collected a series of unique brands from home and across the pond. They are eclectic and span a wide variety of interests, but they still do share a singular quality: they are products we love that are difficult to find in Europe.

Are you a creator outside of Europe, or do you think you'd fit in with our friends and want to be featured? Drop us a letter!

Featured Brands

Cantrip Candles

Dungeons and Dragons-themed scents to light up your next adventuring session.

D&Tea Co.

You've got your character, you've got your candles. Now you need a tasty beverage.

Shire Post Mint

Decision coins, wax seals, and more in this collection of fantasy-inspired, handmade pieces.

Séance Perfumery

Perfumes to perfectly match your gothic home and Victorian lifestyle.

Lively Ghosts

Victorian, horror, and occult-inspired trinkets to tempt your darker side.

The Pickety Witch

Witchery with a timeless twist and a contemporary spirit.

Pennywhistle Potions

Magical potions, ingredients, straw work, and corn dollies for your home.

Nina Designs Jewelry

From the wonders of the forest floor to the beauty of the heavens, these pieces are inspiration you can wear on your fingers.

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

LGBT- and Female-focused enamel pins and jewelry to show your pride.

Jessica Long Embroidery

Needle painting is a beautiful and relaxing art, and we've brought you some unique kits.


Beautiful, bold, folksy embroidery kits for any skill level.

Strange and Unusual Exclusives

Unique products designed in-house, unavailable anywhere else.

Hook, Line, and Tinker Embroidery

Cheeky and charming nautical-themed needlepoint kits for the sailor in you.

Forest Girl Clothing

Graceful mori girl fashion to bring elven romance to your wardrobe.

Mustard Beetle

Nature-focused home and personal decor, artfully designed and manufactured by hand.

Esther Bennink Art

One word springs immediately to mind when looking at Esther's art: warmth.

Joan of Art

LGBT pride and witchery, all in one place! What more could you ask for?


Patches, pins, and embroidery with a nature-focused, mystical twist.